Computer Repairs

Don’t let system lags disrupt your performance. Whether you need software installations, hardware repairs and upgrades, or physical cleaning and maintenance, our technicians are here to help.

  • Upgrade of slow computers -Adding more memory, your slow computer that struggles to perform multiple tasks at once will experience faster recall speeds. Upgrading your storage is the best solution if your computer still has an HDD, as most computers now come with an SSD due to the clear performance benefits.
  • Broken Screen replacement * When a laptop screen is physically broken (such as a cracked screen), it’s usually due to physical damage. You may have dropped the laptop or dropped something on it.
  • Charging Port Replacement * Your charging cable could be loose, unplugged, or damaged. Your charging cable could have a weak connection because it wasn’t made by your laptop’s manufacturer
  • Unlocking & Password Recovery *Locked out of your computer can be really frustrating, especially when you urgently need to access important data and applications. We provide practical solutions to help you get back into your Windows computer.
  • Hardware Repairs * When it’s a hardware problem, it’s usually more severe. You can tell it’s a hardware issue if the computer will not boot up or if it boots up with lots of issues
  • Application installation *The sole purpose of application software is to aid the user in doing specified tasks. Web browsers like Firefox, and Google Chrome, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel, are examples of application software that is used on a personal computer or laptop
  • Factory Reset back-up *If you intend to factory reset your device, you have to create back-up to protect the data. The factory resetting is performed on the device to turn it into a state as it was before
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