Data Recovery

Losing data from your desktop computer, USB, internal hard drive, tablet or mobile device is the modern person’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think.

  • Hard Drive data recovery * Hard drive recovery is the process of recovering data and restoring a hard drive to its last known good configuration, after a system/hard drive crashes or is corrupted/damaged
  • Raid Data Recovery* RAID data recovery is the process of recovering and restoring data from a RAID storage architecture or infrastructure. It uses a combination of automated and manual data recovery processes to extract and restore data from one or more RAID drives and storage components
  • NAS Data Recovery *NAS data recovery boils down to getting the disks from a NAS, connecting them to a PC, and extracting files using data recovery software.
  • Solid State Drive Data Recovery *SSDs can suffer from data loss due to various reasons, such as physical damage, logical errors, malware attacks, accidental deletion, or formatting.
  • Apple Mac data Recovery * Mac-compatible data recovery applications available on the Apple market which maybe be okay to use when recovering ‘low-risk data’ however we strongly advise against using recovery software if your hard drive is faulty and/or your missing data is business critical, valuable or irreplaceable.
  • Smart Phone (Android & Apple)  and Tablet Data Recovery * This service is offered on mobile devices that are broken or inoperable. This is normally caused by the device being dropped and or won’t power on. Some other common causes are: manufacturer defects or water damage
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