Liquid (Water) Damage

Dropped your mobile phone in your morning coffee?, Taken it for a swim in the Indian Ocean, had it knocked back from a Warranty Center for Liquid Ingression to find out they won't touch it, no problems at all. We have heard it all when it comes to Liquid Ingressed Phones and have extensive knowledge and know how in this area. Don't listen to everyone else come in and see us today about getting your phone repaired. Below is the usual procedure for Liquid Ingressed Phones

  90% Sucesss rate to fully functional condition

  3 Month Goodwill Warranty*

  $50 Upfront fee to book the job in for intial labour costs

  Upto $80 jobs are repaired without notification, over $80 a customer contacted with a detailed explanation and quotation

  Photographic Evidence can be provided

  Genuine Parts and an extensive stock to avoid lengthy delays

  All Makes and models welcome

If you have any queries regarding the process please contact us or come see us instore or via us an email.

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