If you require a software update, firmware update, de-customisation or anything else based on the operating software of your mobile phone then CTF Mobile Phone Repairs has you covered. We carry an extensive range of software based solutions which allow us to perform many tasks even the manufacture service centers can not cater for, listed below are some of the common software solutions we perform regularly for our customers.

If you need software updates for your mobile phone then come and see your mobile phone specialist, you can keep your mobile software up to date plus you can fix a potential operation problem you may have by updating your handset firmware regularly.

We even can repair software damaged/dead unit

  NOKIA BB5 SL2 or SL3 Firmware Updates

  Sony Ericsson DB2020 and A2 CID49-52 Updagres, De-customisation

  Apple iPhone software upgrades

  Blackberry Operating System Upgrades

  HTC Windows Mobile Based System Upgrades

  Samsung De-customisation

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